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Race Rules

Entry Terms
An online entry will be considered as an acceptance of governing body rules. British triathlon rule book is here.

Competitors will compete in the duathlon event comprising of a mountain bike trail route and run cross country entirely at their own risk.

We cannot allow any accompanying dogs, unless for reasons of registered disability.

Age Limits: Competitors must be 17 or over to enter and take part in the full duathlon and 15 or over for the sprint duathlon

Our refund policy can be found by clicking here. All prizes and T shirts must be collected at registration as we cannot send on.

Event organisers are able to amend the course route at any time and without prior notification.

Littering - our policy on littering can be found here.  Any irresponsible littering will result in disqualification.

British Triathlon Duathlon Specific Rules

The Current (January 2018) rule book is here.

19. CROSS TRIATHLON AND DUATHLON: 19.1 General: a.) Cross Triathlon consists of swimming, mountain biking (MTB) and cross-country running; b.) Cross Duathlon consists of cross-country running, mountain biking (MTB) and cross-country running. 19.2 Distances: a.) The recommended distances for Cross Triathlon are found in appendix A; b.) The recommended distances for Cross Triathlon are found in appendix A; c.) The course should have challenging technical aspects. 19.3 This line is intentionally omitted. 19.4 Mountain Biking Conduct: British Triathlon Competition Rules 33 a.) The maximum tyre diameter for the MTB is 29 inches/74 centimetres. The minimum cross section is 1.5 inch/3.8 centimetres; b.) Front and rear wheels may have different diameters; c.) Studded and/or slick tyres are allowed; d.) Competitors are allowed to push or carry the bike over the course; e.) Drafting is allowed. For safety reasons there may be ‘no passing’ zones on the course. it may be forbidden to pass other athletes before entering the transition area. Lapped competitors will not be removed from the race; f.) Clip-ons are not allowed; g.) Traditional road handlebars are forbidden; h.) Traditional MTB bar ends are authorized. Ends must be plugged. i.) Cyclocross bikes are forbidden unless they comply with the above criteria. 19.5 Transition Area Conduct: a.) Details of penalties are outlined in Section 7: Transition Area. 19.6 Running Conduct: a.) Spiked shoes are allowed. 19.7 This line is intentionally omitted 19.8 Special Needs Stations: a.) Additional stations on the bike and/or run may be provided for special needs; b.) Any items given out at these stations will be handed out by volunteers supplied by the Event Organiser; c.) If these stations are not provided no items may be provided by any other person, otherwise this will be considered outside assistance; d.) A repair zone may be provided on the bike section where competitors will have the opportunity to leave special tools and spares provided they are correctly packed and labelled. The competitor is responsible to carry out their own repairs.


I declare that I will abide to the governing bodies rules and that I am fit to take part in the event. I will not hold the race organiser respsonsible for any injury or loss. I understand that the final decision as to whether or not the race will go ahead on the day is that of the race organisers "Always Aim High Triathlon Club" only.

*All times are sugject to change. Confirmed times will be included in the final instruction email sent out prior to the event.

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