After you have registered online to take part in the event. Make sure your phone is fully charged and here are some step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re good to go.

  1. Download (or update if you already have it) the TDL Events app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store - https://rtrt.me/app/22018
  2. By the time you receive your confirmation email from Always Aim High Events your entry will have been loaded onto the roster. Now everything is set up for you to Claim your Profile.
  3. Open the TDL App and choose the Snowdonia Trail Marathon Virtual Event.
  4. Claim your profile – this part is key as it will associate your run with your details. Claim your profile with email you registered with. This sends a confirmation link to the registered email. If you enter an email that was not used to register, you will get back an email not found. Please watch this short video here to see exactly how to Claim your Profile https://youtu.be/n60X2mlxkLg
  5. Click the confirmation link in email to complete the Claiming of your Profile.
  6. If you wish to do a practice run prior to the event to get used to the app then press PRACTICE RUN when you are ready and you will see a countdown begin.
  7. On Friday 16th October 2020 the event will start at 09:00 (BST) and you will see a countdown to the START. You can join in immediately and this will provide the most realistic event but you can actually start your run yourself any time from 09:00 right up until 21:00 on Sunday 18th October 2020. Note, the countdown starts at 5 seconds to go and counts down after you hit START
  8. You will receive split alerts every 5 miles and your tracking will stop automatically after your prescribed event distance even if you’re running a longer route.
  9. Spectators can follow you by downloading the TDL Events App or here for the 10k - Half Marathon - Marathon

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