Choose a Seriously Scary Challenge in 2018...

Published: 24.10.2017

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re taking a look at some of the seriously scary challenges that await in the 2018 Always Aim High calendar

In this article you’ll find a weekend-long endurance challenge, one of the toughest middle distance triathlon races in the world and perhaps the UK’s most challenging off road marathon race.

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The Pedalcover Slateman Savage

Taking place over the Slateman weekend, Savage competitors take on the sprint on Saturday and the classic on Sunday. The total distance across the weekend? Nearly 90 km.

This is made up of a 1.4 km swim in a (usually) chilly Llyn Padarn, one of the hilliest 71 km cycles around and is topped off with a 17 km trail run which includes the famous (and ludicrously tough) Slateman ‘zig zags’.

This incredible physical challenge is the ultimate way to set the standard for your 2018 season - nearly everything after this will seem like a walk in the park.

The Snowman Legend 71.6

Now in it’s third year, the Snowman Legend 71.6 was recently voted the tenth toughest middle distance race IN THE WORLD by 220Triathlon.com, and looking into the stats, it’s not really hard to see why…

The 1.9 km swim, 91 km Snowdonia National Park cycle and 21km trail/fell run only tell half the story. A seriously epic cycle features over 4,300 feet of elevation, including the famous Pen y Pass and Crimea Pass along the way.

Not enough? After a cycle like that the only way to top it would be with a memorable ‘run’. The Legend’s 13 km run leads up to a monumental run/climb/fell ascent and descent of Moel Siabod - all 2,860 feet of it!

That makes a combined total elevation of well over 7,000 feet!

The Snowman Legend 71.6 is the definition of a ‘bucket list’ race but be warned - this race is for the most experienced middle distance triathletes only.

Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon

The Scott Snowdonia Trail Marathon is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the toughest races in the UK, and according to some runners, the whole of Europe.

A 60 km Ultra distance was announced for 2018 and promptly sold out in a matter of days - the route features over 7,700 feet of elevation!

The main event of the day however is the (still ridiculously tough) marathon race. Many runners debate the actual distance (we measure it as 26.98 km) but one thing is definitely not in doubt - this is one of the hardest, if not THE hardest, trail marathon in the country. Around its course, you’ll encounter over 5,200 feet of ascent and possibly every type terrain and weather imaginable.

Again, this is a race for the experienced off road runners only.

Entries for these frightening challenges are open now - for more information, visit alwaysaimhighevents.com