Deanos 20for20

Published: 13.11.2018

In 2018 I undertook 20 events to commemorate 20 years since my mum passed away from Cancer. The events ranged from Marathons, Cycling Sportives, Obstacle Courses, Ultra Marathons, and Triathlon events.

My mum was the single most important person in my life. I lost her when I was only 16, so this is just my small way to see if I can help others suffering with this nightmare of a disease by raising as much money as I can for Breast Cancer Care.

I'm by no means what you'd consider an 'Athlete'. But I have a big heart and the drive to make sure I finished all 20 events in one piece. At the end of the day what's a little bit of pain compared to what some people have to contend with when faced with the words 'You have cancer'!

Why Always Aim High Events you say? I’ve often seen AAHE events being talked about on Facebook & Instagram by friends and followers, so they’ve always intrigued me. I took on the Anglesey Half Marathon in 2017 and despite the weather, I absolutely loved both the course and the event itself! It also helped by me running my second quickest half marathon time. I work with someone who had competed in the Slateman Savage a couple of times and absolutely raved about it so it was one of the first events to go into my calendar of 20. I’ll be back in the future to tackle the Sandman & Snowman. I have a friend’s who have done the Tour de Mon and really enjoyed it so again it seemed the perfect fit & was also one of the very early entries.

AAHE are now one of the main series of events I follow regularly and I’m pretty sure I’ll be entering them on a more regular basis. They also do wicked medals and shirts! That’s an added bonus!

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