Kelda Wood MBE takes on our Snowman Triathlon

Published: 19.04.2021

Kelda Wood from Shropshire is about to take on a series of triathlons this year, despite not being able to run!

This summer she will be taking part in The Snowman with us. This race is well known as the toughest multi terrain triathlon in the UK and not for the faint hearted, so the fact she will be taking it on is as brave as it is brilliant. We hope she inspires anyone who thinks a triathlon is out of reach to take the plunge!

We wanted to share her journey so far, and why she has chosen to take on this triathlon challenge.

Kelda’s Journey

Since sustaining an irreparable leg injury in 2002, Kelda has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, she was the first adaptive woman to reach the summit of Mount Aconcagua - the highest mountain in South America, and in 2019 she became the first adaptive female to row solo across the Atlantic to raise awareness and funds for her charity Climbing Out.

After she completed her row, she realised she needed a new goal.

Kelda: “I always wanted to compete in triathlons, but I thought I couldn’t because of my leg injury. I can’t run, I can’t swim very well, and I can’t use a standard bike. But then I realised I wasn’t practising what I preach – I wasn’t finding a solution to overcome my challenge.

“I wanted to find a way to adapt so I could compete in standard triathlons. So, I’ve been learning how to swim in a new way, Spokz are providing a racing wheelchair that I will use for the running part of the race (or for the Snowman’s hill climbs I will probably walk as best I can!) and Bicycles by Design have created a bespoke bike for me which has been kindly donated by Duratec. I am so grateful to both Spokz and Bicycles by Design for their incredible support in making this all possible!

“A huge thank you to Always Aim High Events who have given me their full support in taking part in The Snowman and haven’t seen my physical limitations as a reason to deny me a place! I just need to complete the race within a safe and practical timeframe.”

Kelda is documenting her triathlon journey on her social media pages for ‘Creating Momentum’ to help inspire others. She wants people to use Creating Momentum as a place to share stories and information that will help motivate others to take on and overcome life’s physical and mental challenges.

This year Kelda gained 3 new letters after her name – MBE - for her work with the charity she founded. Climbing Out helps people who have been through mental or physical trauma to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

On the same day she received the email from the Cabinet Office with the MBE news, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer, and a few weeks ago she had a mastectomy. Training had to be wound down whilst she recovered.

Kelda: “Setbacks like this are part of life. It is all about taking them on board and figuring out how to move forward. The diagnosis won’t stop me taking on the triathlon challenge, it just makes me all the more determined to succeed in taking part. Creating Momentum is about facing life’s hurdles, finding solutions and achieving something you didn’t think possible. As I always say, ‘It’s not about saying I can’t, it’s about saying, how can I?’

“I’m not trying to get an upper hand by using adaptive equipment, I’m showing that it’s all about finding solutions to overcome life’s obstacles. If I can do it with one boob and a dodgy leg, then anyone can!

“I hope to create some momentum which will inspire and motivate others to take on their own challenges head on.”

We can't wait to welcome Kelda to the Snowman later this year, in the meantime you can follow her journey here;

  • Facebook: @Momentum4Life
  • Twitter: @Momentum_4_Life
  • Instagram: @kelda_wood
  • Linked In: Creating Momentum