New to open water swimming? This article is for you...

Published: 08.02.2018

Open Water Swimming - Beginners Tips

If you are thinking about open water swimming there are a few things that you will need to think about.

This new challenge can bring up some unexpected challenges. If you are planning to do an event it will be best to prepare well from the start of your adventure.

  • For leisure
  • Social
  • New challenge
  • Competition

If you are currently a confident pool swimmer, you will be ready to make this transition but will ask yourself a few questions,

  • How will your body react to cold water?
  • Will your breathing be comfortable?
  • How will you need to adapt your stroke to the conditions of choppy water?

These steps can be taken for a fun and successful journey in to the open water. Follow these tips:

  • Well fitted wetsuit (#Aquaspherswim) but not too tight as this can restrict breathing and raise levels of anxiety. Buy neoprene hat, gloves and boots if water temps are very cold
  • Wear a bright coloured swim hat so that you can be seen easily
  • Goggles should be leak free. Chose between a mask or well fitted goggles with good peripheral vision
  • Find a local lake that is safe and has passed water quality checks and has a supportive coach
  • Attend a session for beginners and share your concerns (and achievements) with others
  • NEVER swim alone! Always go in to open water with others
  • Build up you distances slowly starting with small loops where you do not go far out of your depth
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Continue drills for balance and stability ideal for rougher conditions and other technical skills; enter/exits, drafting, turning and sighting
  • For the more serious competitor do some brick sessions that involve open water swimming straight on to the bike
  • If you feel like you would like to participate in events there are many open water triathlons to get you started (AAH)

This Pedalcover Slateman Triathlon swim plan was brought to you by Aqua Sphere ambassador Nikki Fletcher. Nikki is a Level 3 BTF Coach, Level 2 ASA Swim Teacher RLSS NRASTC and is founder of the Sleaford Triathlon Club. For more information, visit tri3.co.uk.