Run Together in the XTERRA Snowdonia Trail Marathon Eryri DUO Category!

Published: 27.02.2024

For some, running is a solo sport, but for others, it's best enjoyed with a friend; that's why the 2024 XTERRA Snowdonia Trail Eryri marathon & half marathon events have a DUO category!

What does that mean? Well, for runners competing in pairs and enjoying the sunning Eryri trails together, you can be in your own competition against other DUO pairs.

How does it work?

Duo entries are available in the full and half marathon distances. Pairs of two will sign up and run together for the full trail distance. The DUO must stay within 15 seconds of each other during the full course, including all segments.

Penalties will be added for DUOs not staying within the allotted distance, and time will be recorded for both partners based on the second runner who passes the segment and final finish lines.

The DUO category will have its own awards, but your overall time will also count, if you're looking to qualify for slots at the XTERRA World Championship 2024, held in Sugarloaf, Maine USA, or the 2025 World Championships, venue TBC!

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