The Beginner Triathlete's Angel

Published: 14.01.2020

In the past week I’ve done a lot of thinking about my triathlon journey. That’s right. Thinking. I did some reading too but let’s be honest, I haven’t really started doing anything that’s going to make it actually possible for me to complete it.

There is a lot of information out there, videos on YouTube, Facebook groups, Twitter chats and multiple training plans (all different) you can download - to a complete novice it’s nothing short of mind blowing. I thought I just had to go for a run, hop on a bike and swim a few lengths at my local pool for the next few weeks but apparently it’s all about zones and intervals, perceived effort and cadence – I mean what even is cadence?

I was beginning to despair and then I met my Triathlon Angel….

Mrs Rhian Roxburgh. Rhian is a triathlete, a mother, runs a triathlon club and still manages to come across sane of mind. She’s lovely. She coaches triathletes and wannabe triathletes, through a mix of personalised online training plans and weekly group training sessions towards an event goal. Guess what - Rhian is just about to start a 12-week course building up to HARLECH TRIATHLON!!!

I went to meet Rhian and left signed up to her course and absolutely buzzing. I am not doing this alone! I have a plan, I have structure, discipline (come on, I had a lot of excuses - if I wasn’t accountable to anyone, I would have probably managed a week before giving up to watch Love Island and drink wine) and most importantly I have someone to encourage me, answer my (many) questions and help me navigate through this journey. Not only do I have the support from Rhian but also the others on the course, some beginners like me and some intermediates.

I start this week and I actually can’t wait. Rhian has been kind enough to allow me to share the first week of my training plan with my blog followers so look out for this. She’ll also be helping me put together some top tips and coaching points over the next months and we’ll share some glimpses in to our coached sessions. I started this project in order to encourage beginners in to triathlon so I’m thrilled we're going to have some interesting and helpful content to compliment my ramblings.

In other news, remember the major issue about not having a bike? Well I also met a bike angel last week in the form of Gareth, Gwydion and the amazing team at Evolution Bikes. They didn’t laugh at me when I wandered in to the shop with a cranky toddler and absolutely no idea what I wanted or needed, or what to look for other than a price tag I could afford and a pretty colour. They were patient, knowledgeable and I have an appointment on Thursday for a bike fit. I’m so excited. They have also agreed to help me with putting together some really cool, bike-related content for my blog so watch this space for information on choosing a bike, bike maintenance, using a turbo-trainer and more.

If anyone would like further information from my angels or to see their offerings here are some links:

Rhian: www.triroxtraining.co.uk

Evolution Bikes: https://www.evolution-bikes.co.uk/

That's it for now I’m going to do some exercise. Wish me luck…

P.S. That's not me in the banner image but it is at Harlech Triathlon and I am aspiring to look like (a less manly version of) this in 12 weeks time.