Tony's Story - raising funds for Alderhey Children's Hospital

Published: 26.01.2023

We love hearing from our participants after they have completed one of our events, Tony got in touch to share his story after completing our Anglesey Half Marathon and finishing his fundraising journey for Alderhey Children's Hospital.

I entered the Anglesey Half Marathon to finish my fundraising challenge off for Alderhey children's hospital, who were amazing when my daughter was there getting chemotherapy.

My challenge was the 4x4x48 where you run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours straight. I decided then to come straight to the half and run that. I turned up knackered and with absolutely no energy due to the lack of calories in me, but the atmosphere on the bridge was buzzing, everyone wishing each other good luck, sharing Haribos and having a good laugh.

We set off and I knew I was in trouble straight away, having already run 48 miles. At the four mile point I stopped and was seriously considering quitting, but I kept thinking of why I was doing the challenge. The support from fellow runners was superb and helped me carry on.

On the way back into Menai Bridge I was almost done as I passed the 10 mile point, and in the distance I saw someone coming towards me, then I realised who it was. Gareth Perrin a good mate and fellow runner from the Amlwch Arrows. He said he knew I'd be struggling and had come to help me over the finishing line. We chatted over the final few miles and he kept me going, I genuinely do not know if I would have finished without him.

As I turned the corner into the carpark there were huge cheers from the remainder of the Amlwch Arrows who had secretly stayed behind to watch me finish, I had told them not to bother as they themselves would be tired. It was really emotional crossing the line, thinking of everyone and the reason why we were doing this.

It was at that point when we all high fived and hugged and congratulated each other that we realised how much running and being part of a group and team means. It was without doubt my best running memory.