13 Reasons Why... not to enter a triathlon

Published: 31.12.2019

I would love to do a triathlon, I'd go as far as to say I've always wanted to. I love being outside, I'm competitive, I enjoy sport. I know the thrill you get when you work for something and achieve it. So why, when I'm given an awesome opportunity to actually do it and compete at Harlech Triathlon - a perfect beginners sprint distance triathlon and with a whole lot of support behind me, am I wondering whether to say yes?

I think my biggest fear is failing. As I said, I'm competitive and I have this thing (of which I'm not proud) where I'd rather not do it at all, than try and fail. Rather than telling myself the reasons why I can, I keep going through the reasons I can't. I figure this isn't uncommon and some people may relate So here are my, very honest, excuses reasons...

1) I don't really like fitness training. Don't get me wrong, I love being active and outside, but I've never been to a gym in my life. I walk the dogs, I jog (with some walking) round Parkrun occasionally if I'm promised cake afterwards, and I enjoy a lazy swim in the lake in the summer but that's my limit. As soon as it starts hurting, the fun stops in my book.

2) I had a baby 14 months ago, so now I'm a bit fatter and I have to go for a wee more often. I have had less sleep in the last year than I used to have in a week.

3) The 'baby' is now a toddler and I want to spend time with her, she's growing so fast and I don't want to miss anything. As a working Mum, she is my priority when it comes to spare time.

4) I can't just leave my daughter in the house on her own whilst I go out for a run and I have to be at nursery to pick her up at a certain time. Her Daddy is amazing but it's a shared responsibility and he has things he wants to do in the evening too, he might also like to hang out with me too (occasionally lol).

5) It's dark, and cold and we live in Wales so more often than not raining. I don't think this one needs any further explanation.

6) I don't have a bike. Well, I do but it's a 20 year old mountain bike and I don't fancy doing a triathlon on it.

7) I've not been on the bike for 15 years. Unless you count family bike rides with child seats and picnics.

8) I've never ridden a road bike. Yes, I'm still on the bike thing - the bike (or lack of) is a big one for me.

9) Before baby, my big passion in life was dog agility. I abandoned this for a year after having the baby and I've only just started training again. My dog has been going crackers without the work and I don't want to stop again to fit in triathlon training.

10) I don't really like doing things on my own. I'm social (talk a lot) and I just find things more enjoyable with someone else.

11) All the people who say 'I'll come with a run/bike/swim' with you are (in my eyes) really fit and I think if I say 'yes' I'm not going to be able to keep up/will feel rubbish about my own ability.

12) I don't actually know where to start with training for a triathlon. I mean, how do you build up three different sports at the same time and then how do you know you're not going to die when you stick them all together?

13) If I come last, it's going to be really embarrassing as I work at AAHE and I've written a public blog so everyone will be watching.

I've got more but this is my first blog and I don't want to put people off reading. Title doesn't really work if I go on either. Please follow my journey and leave comments on my posts as I need all the encouragement and words of wisdom I can get. If you're in the same place and maybe even share some of the above thoughts I HOPE I can provide some reassurance and inspiration as this thing progresses...maybe not...but hey it would be boring if we knew the ending!