On your marks! Joneses are on the run to set new world record...

Published: 18.12.2017


An appeal has been launched for help in setting a new world record for the biggest gathering of runners named Jones.

Already more than 800 athletes have signed up for the fifth Jones Crisps Anglesey Half Marathon on Sunday March 4 - with almost 10 per cent of them called Jones.

Race organisers Always Aim High, based in Llangefni, are expecting around 2,500 runners to take part in the three races on the day: the half marathon, Ynys Mȏn 10k run and one-mile children’s race.

Together with Jones Crisps, they want to set a world record, by getting as many people with the surname Jones gathered together on the start line at Menai Bridge.

All the runners will receive a bag of Jones Crisps at the end.

Geraint Hughes from Jones Crisps said: “We’ve worked closely with Always Aim High for some years and it struck me at last year’s Anglesey Half Marathon just how many runners with the surname Jones took part in the race and the other events on the day.

“There’s already been a lot of Jones signing up for the 2018 race so we thought it would be excellent to see if we can break a world record. As far as we can tell, there has never been an attempt at a world record for a gathering of runners called Jones.

“The main race starts at 9am, so we will be gathering people together just before then - so we are encouraging people to come along to take part in it.

“Once the race starts, for the other runners, it will be a case of keeping up with the Joneses.

“We are proud to support Jones Crisps Anglesey Half Marathon and other events across Wales including the Cardiff Triathlon, Slateman and Tour de Mȏn.”

The 13-mile race starts on the world famous Menai Suspension Bridge, then follows the coast road to Beaumaris Castle and back, with thousands of supporters expected to line the route.

The junior runners, split into four age categories, have a one-mile dash over the bridge and through the town ending at the main race’s chequered flag.

All the adults across the finish line for the half marathon and 10k run will be handed a packet of Jones Crisps, to help them replenish their carbohydrate and salt levels after their exertions.

Jones Crisps is the only crisp company based in Wales and owned by Welsh food entrepreneurs. The crisps are made with 100% Welsh grown potatoes. Each crisp is hand cooked in high oleic sunflower oil, to produce excellent old fashioned crisps with a proper thick crunch and punchy flavours.

Always Aim High director Tim Lloyd said: “Crisps are an excellent way for runners to stoke up after a run, to help their energy levels and we know that our competitors love them.

“We’ve had a long partnership with Jones Crisps and we have seen an increase in people called Jones taking part.

“Last year the event saw around 2,000 runners take part, and numbers are up for the 2018 race. Already we have more than 800 entries, far ahead of this time for the last race, so we are expecting a record turnout of competitors.

“As many of those people are called Jones, it would be excellent if we can also set a world record on the day for a gathering of runners, of all ages, named Jones.

“Since we launched the event in 2013 it has been a great boost for Anglesey tourism, with a large number of people staying overnight - the growing number taking part shows that it really is on the map for serious runners.

“The course is over closed roads, so it’s suitable for runners of all abilities, and through some spectacular scenery, and the feedback from runners is that it’s always a lovely event to take in.

“Many of the runners are doing it to raise funds for charities close to their hearts, with thousands of pounds collected since the first half marathon in 2013.

“It’s also a great day out for the supporters - I know it makes a real difference to the runners to have people lining the route, encouraging them on to their personal bests.

“Also, the team from Jones Crisps travel the route beforehand, distributing free packets of crisps, so there’s even more reason for the public to get there early and support the runners.”

Any runners called Jones wanting to help create a new world record and everybody else wanting to register should go to: