Swim Secure Product Review

Published: 26.04.2022

At Always Aim High Events we work with some of the industry's finest brands.

We love to be able to introduce our customers to all of the amazing products out there from the partnerships we have with these brands.

Over the coming months, we will be asking you, our loyal participants, to get involved and review some of the products we have from our partners. With brands such as Swim Secure, Aquasphere, Scott, Red Original, Craft, Black Diamond and more we are excited to be able to offer some exciting product reviews soon.

Check out our first review of the year which is all about tow floats from our friends at Swim Secure - the market-leading supplier of open water dry bags and tow floats.

Swim Secure - Tow float & Donut Tow

Through our social media channels, we asked for some willing participants to take part in a product review for us, and we received a huge amount of requests! We narrowed this down to two friends Jane and Lindsay. Jane is new to open water swimming after her friend Lindsay got her into the sport and she is due to take on her first open water Triathlon this year. Below is their review of the two Swim Secure products they were sent; the Tow float and the Donut Tow.

We were asked to try out the Tow float and the Donut Tow from Swim Secure. We tested them out at Poppit sands Pembrokeshire on Thursday 22nd April at 6 pm. Jane who is new to open water swimming tried the Tow float, and Lindsey tried the Donut Tow.

The Tow Float is ideal for starting out in open water, as it's not bulky and doesn't get in your way when swimming but does give you a sense of security having it. Jane felt reassured having it with her and will definitely swim with it from now on.

The Donut Tow was slightly larger than the Tow float but again was nice to use, again didn't get in the way at all. Was super lightweight. The Donut tow also had the added advantage of having a built-in dry bag, ideal for keys, phone, camera etc. And it did keep my items 100% dry, even on a rough sea swim!

We both liked the colour, they were both bright orange so highly visible. They were light to carry and compact. They didn’t take up much room in the swim bag when deflated. They were very quick and easy to inflate given the size. As seen in the photos we took someone with us to check visibility when we were swimming in the sea. They were visible for a good distance, however, the sea was quite wavy, and this was really the only negative, their size made them more difficult to spot from the shoreline in the waves.

We would both recommend both these tow floats, they are ideal for beginners to open water as they give you a good sense of security having them with you, I would equally say they are suitable for more experienced swimmers, and having the added dry bag with the Donut tow is a real bonus. We have both said we definitely wouldn't swim in open water without them now. We really enjoyed trailing these products.

Swim secure is the market-leading supplier of open water dry bags and tow floats. Thier products are used by competent swimmers to increase visibility in the open water. They are suitable for use by open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers, families and everyone in between.

You can find out more all about Swim Secure and their products here.