Team ‘Luce Wheels’ take on the Tour de Mon! copy

Published: 24.01.2023

We are looking forward to welcoming Team ‘Luce Wheels’ to the Tour de Mon this weekend who are taking on this challenge to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer UK.

Shwmae! I’m Nicky Abraham, sister of Super Woman Lucy Hilton. In 2020, Lucy was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer, at the age of 45. I am a relatively new cyclist and fell ‘head over wheels’ with the road (sorry!), just over a year ago. In the competitive spirit of sibling rivalry, my brother-in-law Richard ‘egged me on’ in signing up to Tour de Mon. It then seemed fitting that we use this challenge, to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer UK.

Since her diagnosis, Lucy has endured a bowel reconstruction, the fitting of a stoma, a liver reconstruction, six months of chemo, a stoma reversal, a second liver reconstruction and more gruelling chemotherapy. In January 2020, we were delighted to hear that Lucy had a clear scan. However, a few months later, Lucy received the news that the cancer had returned to the liver and had spread to her lungs and lymph nodes. The cancer had mutated into the BRAF mutant gene (v600E). As a result, Lucy is receiving targeted treatment to suppress the growth of the disease and we hope his will give her more time.

Team ‘Luce Wheels’ includes myself, human GPS Mr Wyn Hinds, cheeky monkey Richard Abraham, Sea Captain Phil Ankers (real name btw!) and Tom Charles Williams, whose sister has also been affected by this disease. Needless to say we vary in experience, but are united in our support of Bowel Cancer UK. In completing the Tour de Mon, we hope to deliver the following important message to as many people as we can:

Bowel cancer symptoms are similar to IBS and because of this, the disease can be misdiagnosed. Look out for: bleeding from your bottom; a persistent and unexplained change in your bowel habit; unexplained weight loss; extreme tiredness for no reason and a pain or lump in your tummy (Bowel Cancer UK, 2022).

107 miles around the isle of Ang-Lucy’ (pun intended!) is an awfully long way and will not be easy, particularly for a newbie cyclist… On a serious note, the potential pain of a century ride will pale into significance, when I think of all that Lucy has endured. It is a privilege to be Lucy’s sister, her strength, steely determination and grace is nothing short of inspirational.

As both a family and as Team ‘Luce Wheels’, thank you to everyone that has supported training for the ride so far: Bowel Cancer UK; BBC Radio Wales; family; friends; cycling buddies and to the organisers of Tour de Mon - for the opportunity to share Lucy’s story and such an important message. Diolch yn fawr iawn i bawb.

You can support the team here: