2024 Race Report

Triumph at Harlech: A Spectacular Start to the Season

The Harlech Triathlon & Duathlon burst into action this weekend, heralding the start of an electrifying season against the stunning backdrop of Harlech. Despite a soggy setup day, the skies cleared on Sunday, gifting athletes with a picturesque day of competition.

At the crack of dawn, both the Triathlon and Duathlon races launched at 8 am sharp, drawing in a flurry of eager participants.

The Duathlon, serving as the stage for the Welsh Triathlon national championships, boasted a robust turnout with just under 100 athletes toeing the start line. Amidst the pre-race buzz, Catherine Roberts, CEO of Welsh Triathlon, graced the event with words of encouragement, igniting the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere.

The Duathlete's headed out, conquering a 5k run, a 21.5k bike course, culminating in a thrilling 2.2k run finale leading to the iconic storm-the-castle finish.

Following on from his win last year, Joseph Beech of Preston Wheelers dominated the Duathlon in the open category, showcasing an awe-inspiring performance from the get-go. Commanding the race with a blistering 16:54 first run, Beech crossed the finish line in an astounding 59:35, shattering the one-hour barrier. Despite a valiant effort, James Peters slipped to third place due to a 1-minute penalty, paving the way for John Fitzpatrick to secure second position.

In the women's race, again following her win in last year's event Lucy Marland soared to victory, ascending the Castle steps with grace and grit, clocking in an impressive 01:09. Beth Jones and Katrina Entwistle followed closely, completing the top three with finesse and determination.

The triathlon is a staggered-start in Harlech Swimming pool, before athletes transition to their bikes for the same bike course as the duathletes, and a final run onto the beach, returning along the road to the final ascent to the castle finish-line.

in the Open category race It was reigning champion Chris Standidge of Total Tri Training who reclaimed his throne at Harlech. With unwavering determination, Standidge conquered the 400m swim, 21.5k bike, and 5k run in a commanding 1:01:33, leaving his competitors trailing in his wake. Jake Wilson showcased remarkable prowess, securing second place with a commendable time of 1:03:17, closely trailed by Dylan Gwynn Jones, whose lightning-fast swim (the quickest of the day) set the pace for an exhilarating race.

The women's competition was a fierce showdown between local legend Rhian Roxburgh and Laura Gray of Total Tri Training. Roxburgh surged ahead in the swim and bike legs, but Gray's tenacity on the run sealed her victory in a nail-biting finish, setting a new course record of 1:07:45. Roxburgh fought admirably, securing second place, while Amy Kynaston rounded out the top three with a formidable performance.

Adding to the excitement, local superstar and inspiring endurance athlete Sean Conway, renowned for his astonishing feats in world record breaking, completing 105 full distance triathlons in a row, made his debut in organised triathlon events at Harlech. Competing as a team to raise money and awareness for the Charity True Venture.

Always Aim High Events Director Tim Lloyd expressed, "Returning to Harlech for our inaugural triathlon of the year is always a joy, marking the commencement of an exhilarating season of events. Few finish lines can rival the sheer spectacle of this one"

We've witnessed remarkable racing today, from record-breaking feats to individuals embarking on their first triathlon journey. This event prides itself on inclusivity, where all are warmly embraced.

It's a source of immense pride for us to host the Harlech Triathlon as a Community Event, enabling us to give back to the local community groups that champion outstanding initiatives. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Harlech Triathlon Club, the vibrant Harlech community, and our dedicated race sponsors for their unwavering support. We're also immensely grateful to the local spectators whose warm welcome and encouragement energized both athletes and organizers alike.

Lastly, we extend our deepest appreciation to our exceptional marshals and volunteers. Their dedication and hard work are instrumental in delivering such exceptional races."

Race photographs will be available via Sport Pictures Cymru

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Selected 2024 Harlech Triathlon and Duathlon Results

Sprint Triathlon Open

1. Chris Standidge 1:01:33

2. Jake Wilson 1:03:17

3. Dylan Wynne Jones 1:03:28

Sprint Triathlon Female

1. Laura Gray 1:07:45

2. Rhian Roxburgh 1:08:49

3. Amy Kynasaton 1:14:41

Sprint Duathlon Open

1. Joseph Beech 59:35

2. John Fitzpatrick 1:05:28

3. James Peters 1:05:59

Sprint Duathlon Female

1. Lucy Marland 1:09:00

2. Beth Jones 1:13:59

3. Katrina Entwistle 1:16:01

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