2022 Race Report

Life’s a beach at the 2022 Sandman

There’s something very special about Sandman that’s hard to describe. It’s that feeling that you get when you stand on top of the sand dune and catch your first glimpse of the beach, framed by the mountains on one side and the huge forest on the other. It’s beautiful, exciting, mysterious and it’s impossible not to lose a bit of your heart.

Enter Sandman 2022, and what a Sandman it was.


Saturday followed the weather pattern, with beautiful sunshine and calm seas providing the best possible racing conditions. Due to the moving sandbar beneath the waves, this year swim was 750m along the beach from transition adding an additional challenging section of beach run in to the mix but with a 10-minute extension added to the T1 cut off, every athlete made it safely out on to the bike in the time allowed.

In the Sprint, Sarah Roberts once again led the pack out of the water followed by Peter Rought and Chris Goddard. Mark Greary put in the bike time of the day but couldn’t get ahead of the ever-consistent Steven Allport who moved in to first place from 4th during the bike and held his position in the run, taking no chances to take the win 3 minutes ahead. Peter Rought and Mark Greary battled to complete the podium with Greary heading out in to the run in 2nd but Rought coming through to finish just ahead.

In the ladies Samantha Howard smashed out the fastest ladies bike leg to take the lead and consolidated with a superb run to take the tape. Anwen Nesham was once again chasing the heels of the winner to finish runner up. At only 15, Anwen has had an unbelievable first season and we’re excited to see what she can pull out as she matures and gains experience. Natasha Perks finished the ladies line up taking third with a consistent performance across all three disciplines.

In the Duathlon, Aidan Mcilroy reigned once again. Can anyone get near this guy at the moment? Toby Williams tried his best producing the best bike time in the race but unable to keep up with Mcilroy in the run and finishing just under 3 minutes behind. The ladies duathlon was won by Kerry Jones.


On Sunday it was the turn of the Standard and Legend athletes.

With weather conditions taking a turn the swim course was shortened to 1500m for Legend and 1000m for Standard. As the wind picked up and the rain set in over the afternoon it was difficult conditions for our longer distance athletes.

Coming back to Sandman after a year off, Chris Standidge returned to the place he knows so well at the top of the podium. Leading throughout and heading out of T2 to smash out a 38.48 minute run, Standidge knows his art and is a real inspiration to those quite literally chasing him. Tomos Hales gave it a good go and put up a brilliant performance to finish second with young Jack Hughes taking third – another one to watch for the future.

The duathlon was won by Thomas Parkinson watched by his very proud parents. Parkinson and Sam Fairhurst produced a superb race with just 30 seconds separating them at the end and Fairhurst producing the best times in both run legs.

The ladies duathlon was won by Sarah Murray with Pam Edgar in second.

In the Legend, it was a pleasure to welcome back Dan Elliot. Taking 2nd Place in the Standard distance at the Sandman in 2019 behind Standidge there was only one place on the podium that he was after and he didn’t mess around, coming out of swim in second before taking the lead on the bike and maintaining the lead to the finish line with the fastest bike and run legs of the day finishing a huge 27.44 ahead of lead swimmer Joe Banns in second place and Richard Higgins in third who both put in very impressive and solid performances.

In the ladies Legend Penny Butterfield and Claire Holliman battled it out for the top spot with Butterfield finishing ahead after a great run. Anna Oswold also had a great race maintaining third place throughout and making up the top 3.

The Male Savage winner was once again the untoppable Nick Lord who must now have an enviable collection of Always Aim High Events slates after a superb season. After standing in the 2nd and 3rd spot numerous times this season it was a joy to see Louisa Williams take the top spot in the Womens Savage. Louisa has raced superbly and with enviable consistency all season and absolutely deserves to stand at the top.

The Sandman was also the finale of the 2022 Adventure Championships – back for the first time since Covid the Adventure Championships is a culmination of results from Slateman, Snowman and Sandman. It has been a brilliant series with some fabulous racing and despite the wet weather there was a great crowd at prize giving celebrating the achievement of all those who had taken part and some amazing prizes awarded to our winners.

Prize giving ended with our partners Cervelo giving away what must be the best prize ever seen in triathlon; a P Ultegra Di2 bike worth £8000. All those entered in the 2022 Adventure Championships were entered and the name picked out the hat was Edward Brereton who on hearing he had won told us he was ‘Surprised, amazed and well chuffed’ I bet he was!

Always Aim High Director Nigel Kendrick said: “The Superfeet Sandman is always a special race. For me it’s particularly special because Newborough is the place myself and my family call home. I had the chance to take part this year and it reminded me just how fantastic it is.

It’s challenging but always inclusive with plenty of first timers and also some incredible talent on display. People just keep coming back and you don’t need to ask why – there’s no where in the world like Traeth Llanddwyn and a race like the Superfeet Sandman is as much a feeling as it is a race.

It was also great to see the return of the Adventure Championships in 2022. Completing this series is such a huge achievement and is becoming a bucket list experience for Triathletes and Duathletes across the world.

We’d like to extend a massive thank you to every one of our athletes for joining us in addition to their families and friends. We’d also like to thank our title partners Superfeet, Cervelo for sponsoring the Adventure Championships and our other race sponsors for their continued support as well as the local community of Newborough and Natural Resource Wales for being such amazing hosts.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our amazing team, marshals and volunteers, without whom we the race just wouldn’t be possible”

Full Superfeet Sandman race results & Adventure Championship Series race results by TDL Event Services.Race photography courtesy of Sport Pictures Cymru.

Selected 2022 Superfeet Sandman Triathlon & Duathlon results:

Sprint Triathlon Women

  1. Samantha Howard 1:25:12
  2. Anwen Nesham 1:29:32
  3. Nathasha Perks 1:32:56

Sprint Triathlon Men

  1. Steven Allport 1:21:49
  2. Peter Rought 1:24:54
  3. Marc Geary 1:25:21

Sprint Duathlon Women:

  1. Kerry Jones 1:33:45
  2. Susi Scudamore 1:52:22
  3. Sally Napthen 1:55:49
Sprint Duathlon Men
  1. Aidan Mcilroy 1:07:28
  2. Toby Williams 1:10:23
  3. Jonathon Tyler 1:13:11

Standard Triathlon Women:

  1. Fiona Blagg 3:02:17
  2. Louisa Williams 3:11:52
  3. Nanette Heystek 3:22:30

Standard Triathlon Men

  1. Chris Standidge 2:30:15
  2. Tomos Hales 2:39:33
  3. Jack Hughes 2:53:11

Standard Duathlon Women:

  1. Sarah Murray 3:20:54
  2. Pam Edgar 3:24:00
  3. Miriam Haf Parry 3:27:16

Standard Duathlon Men:

  1. Thomas Parkinson 2:43:24
  2. Sam Fairhurst 2:43:56
  3. Mark Daniels 2:54:20

Legend Triathlon Women

  1. Penny Butterfield 5:30:41
  2. Claire Holliman 5:40:11
  3. Anna Oswald 5:49:23

Legend Triathlon Men

  1. Dan Elliot 4:09:50
  2. Joe Banns 4:37:34
  3. Richard Higgins 4:39:50

Savage Triathlon Women

  1. Louisa Williams 4:45:22
  2. Sarah Roberts 5:20:43
  3. Natalie Williams 5:22:21

Savage Triathlon Men

  1. Nick Lord 4:24:54
  2. Peter Rought 4:27:51
  3. Iwan Davies 4:34:07