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Triathlon | XTERRA Weston Park 2024

XTERRA Weston Park 2024 Triathlon Sprint


11 May 2024




Opening Date: 17.06.2023


Route Description

Beginning with a 750m looped swim in the large Weston Park lake, surrounded by woodland and birdlife, this is certainly a tranquil triathlon. Exit the water and make your way across open parkland to transition for the first time.

Head out on your bike for a lap of our mixed-terrain trails, created over the winter of 2022/23 especially for this event. There will be a mix of gravel, technical single track and open grassland, testing a wide variety of riding skills. Riding in and out of woodland, enjoying spectacular views of the Weston Park estate, house and the surrounding countryside, you will be totally absorbed by this new bike course. When you gain sight of the lake for the second time, you're heading back into Transition and the next leg of the race.

With your running shoes on you’ll feel the full charm of the Weston Park estate. The route will initially send you running through open parkland, towards the southern boundary of the estate, before circling around to the beautiful woodland approaching the Weston Park house. You’ll pass the stunning temple pool, darting around paths dwarfed by ancient trees. Popping out of the woodland to impressive views of the Weston Park house, you'll head back through open parkland towards the finish line; don't start your sprint too early though, there's still 1km to go!


Tier 1 Individual

Ends: 19/06/2023

  • £84.99

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  • £98.99

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Opening Date: 17.06.2023


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We are proud that all our events are bilingual. Signs, registration and commentary are available in English and Welsh.

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