Always Aim High Community plant 6,750 Trees in 2022

Published: 19.10.2022

Through their partnership with Size of Wales, Always Aim High Events are proud to say that their participants have helped to plant an amazing 6750 Trees this year!

This amount includes donations from their Tees4Trees project as well as their pledge to plant one tree per participant for those who received a 2020 medal in our 2022 events.

Size of Wales is a national charity that aims to inspire the people of Wales to help tackle climate change by taking simple positive actions. They work with schools, businesses, community groups and the Welsh Government to raise funds to protect tropical forests, support communities plant trees overseas, and raise awareness of the importance of forests in tackling climate change.

Always Aim High Events Director Nigel Kendrick added “We’re passionate about protecting the environment and we are so proud that our 2022 participants have helped us plant a huge number of trees this year. We believe that we are market leaders in the event sector when it comes to environmental issues, it’s one of our core principles as a business and we are committed to make improvements every year. Next year will see us head towards becoming Carbon Neutral and continue with our drive to be a responsible and sustainable event organiser"

Jamie Green, Communications and Marketing Manager from the charity added "The efforts of Always Aim High and their event participants will ensure trees are planted where they're needed the most and help build a healthier global climate.

"The money raised shows how the partnership between our two organisations is going from strength to strength and long may it continue!"

The Tees for Trees initiative forms just one part of the ongoing environmental policy change that Always Aim High Events is committed to. They are hopeful that the Always Aim High community will come together to support all of their initiatives going forward when it comes to making sure they are delivering events in a sustainable manner. You can read more about all of their initiatives below.