Always Aim High Events Community to Plant 8,265 Trees in 2023/2024

Published: 10.11.2023

Through our partnership with Size of Wales, Always Aim High Events are proud to say that our participants will help support local communities overseas plant an amazing 8,265 Trees this year!

This amount includes donations from their Tees4Trees project as well as their new carbon reduction donation that was introduced for 2023.

Given the carbon footprint of attending events, we offer our participants the option to do something positive to tackle climate change by 'planting' trees. Unlike offsetting schemes, we work with the charity Size of Wales, directly supporting communities and Indigenous Peoples to protect tropical rainforests. Size of Wales provides funding and expertise to local and Indigenous communities in tropical regions to support them to secure and sustain their precious forests, grow more trees and establish sustainable livelihoods.

Size of Wales is a national charity that aims to inspire the people of Wales to help tackle climate change by taking simple positive actions. They work with schools, businesses, community groups and the Welsh Government to raise funds to protect tropical forests, support communities plant trees overseas, and raise awareness of the importance of forests in tackling climate change. They also run an inspiring campaign calling for Wales to become a deforestation free nation and reduce its overseas deforestation footprint.

Always Aim High Events Director Nigel Kendrick added “We’re passionate about protecting the environment and we are so proud that our 2023 participants will help us plant a huge number of trees. We believe that we are market leaders in the event sector when it comes to environmental issues, it’s one of our core principles as a business and we are committed to make improvements every year. Next year will see us head towards becoming Carbon Neutral and continue with our drive to be a responsible event organiser’.

Nicola Pullman, Size of Wales Director had this to say “It is wonderful to know we have businesses such as Always Aim High Events who care so much about climate change by supporting Size of Wales in this way, making a future with forests a reality.