Always Aim High Community help to plant 200 trees from just one event.

Published: 17.03.2021

At the beginning of last year Always Aim High Events partnered up with charity Size of Wales and launched their new Tees4Trees initiative. The scheme saw Always Aim High Events participants offered the alternative of planting a tree instead of receiving a complimentary event t-shirt for a number of events. The inspiration of Nigel Kendrick one of the directors who has a background in environmental science this initiative has come about as we strive to "put the environment at the heart of all we do”.

Sadly, this scheme didn’t manage to get off the ground due to the pandemic which cancelled all events in 2020 bar the Jones Crisps Anglesey Half Marathon which did go ahead in March 2020. However, from just the one event 100 t-shirts were swapped for trees with the company then matching this to give a total over 200 trees planted. The company now wants to increase the number of trees planted per entrant going into 2021 and 2022.

Size of Wales is a national charity that aims to inspire the people of Wales to help tackle climate change by taking simple positive actions. They work with schools, businesses, community groups and the Welsh Government to raise funds to protect tropical forests, support communities plant trees overseas, and raise awareness of the importance of forests in tackling climate change.

Nicola Pulman, Size of Wales Director, said: “We are delighted to have Always Aim High as a partner, especially as we are both united in our love for the outdoors and trying to protect the nature that makes it special.

“This partnership will help communities on the frontline of climate change to plant trees and secure forests to tackle this vital issue. It is a great example of how people in Wales can work with those on other continents to take on a global problem through simple actions.”

The Tees for Trees initiative forms just one part of the ongoing environmental policy change that Always Aim High Events is committed to. They are hopeful that the Always Aim High community will come together to support all of their initiatives going forward when it comes to making sure they are delivering events in a sustainable manner.

Always Aim High Events Director Tim Lloyd added “Here at Always Aim High Events we know how important looking after our environment is, It’s vital to us as a company and all of us personally. The iconic, stunning locations we stage our events are a huge draw for participants and key to our success. We’re passionate about safeguarding our environment and we are so pleased to see that even from just one event the Tees for Trees initiative is already making a difference. We are keen to ensure we come out of the pandemic stronger as a business and focussed on achieving our sustainable goals. We believe that we are market leaders in the event sector when it comes to environmental issues, it’s one of our core principles as a business and we are committed to make improvements on this year on year.

If you have already signed up for an Always Aim High event in 2021 and want to get onboard with the Tees4Trees initiative we are welcoming entrants to alter their preferences by contacting the team on

Find out more about our Tees4Trees initiative here.